Saturday, March 3, 2012

Microsoft Office 2003 - Portable Version (download torrent) - TPB

Portable Version of MS Office 2003. This'd be so much useful for those who wants fast and basic office-funcion to carry around in the USB drive. This Portable version includes:    - Microsoft Office Access 2003  - Microsoft Office Excel 2003  - Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003  - Microsoft Office Word 2003    I'm not the creator of this portable version. It's some guy in Vietnam called "Tung-hacker". I just want to share it, maybe in a billion people out there, there might be someone who's searching everywhere for it.    There is no virus (at least that what my avast! Antivirus told me). If you think there is any virus, then don't download. If you beliveve in me, then please click the text. But plese seed after you finish, there might be a guy out there somewhere, sometimes who is desprately looking for this. :)    Enjoy your day :)		

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